Monday, April 4, 2011

CPA - finalised Regulations

Updated communication from TPN and Marlon Shevelew & Associates

Consumer Protection Act (“CPA”) - Regulations
Fantastic news, we can advise the CPA Regulations were gazetted today, 1st April 2011.

Please click here to download the Regulations

As indicated in our previous correspondence, both Marlon and I did not want to pre-empt the finalised version of the Regulations by making possible redundant changes to our proposed documentation pack (lease and / or sale agreements, mandates etc.).

At first glance, the Regulations gazetted today have some material changes to the initial draft with respect to certain sections pertinent to lease agreements (commercial and residential). Without going into too much detail, section 5 of the Regulations Maximum duration for fixed term consumer agreements provides some welcome relief.

In closing, Marlon and I intend working through the Regulations in detail and providing feedback and recommendations as soon as possible.

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